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Mrs. Kat's Stage Performance Practice CURRICULUM Outline

Curriculum will vary depending on level of students, and time allotted.


  • Insight to stage performing techniques while expanding our American Vernacular repertoire

  • Understanding of pop music through the lens of iconic performers like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kathy Sledge and Stevie Wonder

  • Introduction to the history of specific genres of music in a socio-political context

  • Guidance on how to interact with an audience as an artist and entertainer

  • Awareness of our mission as musicians today building on the aspirations laid by earlier generations


  • Redefine virtuosity by emphasizing the most communicative aspects of our music

  • Melody from its vernacular roots

  • Expressive tone in the tradition of the great musicians and artists

  • The primacy of playing with consistency, with an emphasis on dance-ability and how to construct grooves in the African, Latin, Pop tradition

  • Rhythm and harmony as time and space

  • How to construct solos in the context of form Three ways of approaching harmony:

    • – The sound of each note in a chord including extension

    • – The sound of common notes that can be played through a chord progression

    • – The sound of progression through different keys

    • – Importance of singing and knowing the song structure



Ensembles: Ensembles will study and perform music of all eras.  Students will be able to play together in less formal settings but be provided a training ground.

Performance Master Class: An advanced course that discusses and demonstrates specific techniques of any given style including solo learning with analysis of texture, form, and meaning.  Taught by listening, asking questions that require deeper knowledge and playing.

History:  A survey of the artists and recordings of the works being addressed in ensembles, their placement and significance in national and international contexts, and their position in the music industry.

Aesthetics:  Stage performance aesthetics in the socio-political context through the lens of modern music.  Students will be assigned readings before the start of the program and will address the concept of the blues as a cultural and social phenomenon and will be expected to understand the retro development is an important part of cultivating artistry.


Studio: Studio lessons will focus on instrumental pedagogy from a foundational and stage standpoint. All aspects of technique will be covered with an emphasis on breathing, tone, attack, flexibility, velocity, range, phrasing, control, special effects, reading, and expressing different emotions.

*Classes are completely dependent upon student criticism. Through the promotion of honesty, learning to critique and be critiqued provides an open forum for evaluative and reflective discussion.




Tiffany Moniquè, Vocalist

Divinity Roxx, Bassist, Lyricist

John Angeles, Percussionist

Nikki Glaspie- Drums

Nate Edgar- Bassist

Nick Casserino- Guitar, Vocalist

Koku Gonza- Singer Songwriter

Marcie Chapa- Percussionist

Shirazette Tinnin- Drummer.Percussionist

Keyon Harrold- Trumpet

Alicyn Yaffee- Guitar

Brittani Washington- Keyboard, Vocals

Robert Glasper- Pianist

Past programs that Kat has been instrumental with curriculum and programming:

Young At Arts

ESPA Research Project

Sing For Hope

New Visions Charter

Brooklyn College

Curriculum Tiers

2.5-Hour Stage Performance Practice Intensive

1-Day Stage Performance Practice Intensive 

1-Week Stage Performance Practice Intensive

14-Week Stage Performance Practice Intensive


Solo Performance

Performance with Band

Recording Ensemble with Artists

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